Vacation: The Numbers

We are back from our family vacation, which was more of a California Adventure than any of us had planned for.   Here’s how it broke down:


15 days

1 4-door sedan

2 parents

2 kids

5 hotels

4 theme parks

1 beach

1 spa

2 reunions with childhood friends

7 pools

1 castle

45 restuarant meals

15 California Missions

and 1 epic comic book convention–which was where this whole, crazy trip started in the first place.


I have lots of things to say: about falling in love with California, a sublimely terrifying drive over the Coastal range, why the Missions may be too interesting for 4th graders, and how a family can live in hotels for 2 weeks and manage not to kill each other, and, of course, how to surivive so many meals out with young children.  But for now, we’re all trying to stay quiet and do as little as possible.

It was good to be gone, and now it’s really good to be back.

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