Blogging at the New HuffParents Site: What Political Protestors Taught Me About Parenting

Last spring I published an Op Ed about hate speech and its ramifications for parenting. I’ve been thinking about arguing and compromise a lot lately, and what the debt crisis and the terrible behavior of legislators means for my children. My husband and I have been alternately horrified and disgusted by the events unfolding in Washington, and neither of us believes that legislators have the people’s or the nation’s best interests at heart. It feels to me like one big power grab, and as a parent it also seems to me like there is something fundamentally wrong with how communication functions in Washington.  So what does it mean for my children and their economic future? I don’ t really know, but I suspect it’s not good. What does it mean for my parenting? I can raise my children to be educated and insist on fighting with integrity.
In this light, I’m happy and honored to join the new conversation over on the brand new HuffParents site–just launched today!–with a blog post that tells the story behind the story of that Op Ed.  You can read the full story here.

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