On Writing A Double Life

No one told me motherhood would be interesting.

I wrote  A Double Life: Discovering Motherhood, when I was pregnant with my first child because none of the books I read captured the totality of my transformation. Physically, emotionally, psychologically–I felt myself becoming a new person. And more than that? I found it interesting. People told me it would be hard, that I would get sick, that my life would never be the same. But no one told me that my politics would change, that my water might not break, that I would be sick for 3 months straight, that how I experienced time would morph like a science fiction plot, that I would have an out-of-body spiritual experience, that I would become crippled and so tired my bones would hurt, and that I would be transported by joy and heartache, sometimes at the same time.

And no one–not even my mother–told me that it would be interesting. A Double Life tells my  personal story alongside a in-depth investigation of the biology of pregnancy. It resonates with readers who are parents, who are in the process of becoming parents, who think they might want to be parents, or who just don’t get what the breeding business is all about in the first place.

A Double Life makes a great Mother’s Day gift (for yourself or any mother you know), a great baby shower gift, or a great gift for anyone–male or female–wondering  what the big deal is anyway, and why their best friend, spouse, partner, has become someone they hardly recognize.