Radio & Podcasts

Book/Arts Shows:

Co-Creating, with Cassie Premo Steele on Blog-Talk Radio.  This was an incredible talk about parenting and creativity, the value of the home, ambition and motherhood, and what needs to change in order to change policy.  Cassie Premo Steele got right to the heart of why my book is, implicitly, a political argument for the value of motherhood. Listen here!

Writers on Writing, memoir panel with Katherine Ellison (author of, Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention). We had a great discussion about writing, researching our own lives, and how to stay the course. You can Listen Here.

Books ‘N More, WQUB, with Marifaith Mueller. A terrific host, who asked smart, literate questions. I really love this one, and you can, Listen Here.

Interview with Dan Skinner, Some Books Considered, Texas Public Radio. Listen Here.

Real Good Words, an intimate, thought-filled conversation about writing, parenting, and change, and what it has to do with the book. Listen Here.

Second Saturday Magazine, a Saturday morning arts/science/culture program on Connecticut’s oldest independent station, WPKN. My piece comes in about 1h 30 in to the program.  Listen Here.

Your Book is Your Hook. This show focuses on the writing and the full story to publication of A Double Life.  It’s a good inside look at the long road. The second half of the show I talk about MFA programs: what they do best, why to apply, how comptetive they are, and what you can get  out of them. This show is packed with practical information. You can Listen Here.

Speaking of Writers. Listen here.

Parenting/Lifestyle Shows:

Parent Talk with Susanna Baldwin is an hour long show on parenting issues broadcast out of West Marin’s independent Radio Station, KWMR. Susannah Baldwin is smart, insightful, thoughtful, observant, and very, very well-read. We had a long, heartfelt talk about the book. Every writer should get to speak to a host like this one.  Baldwind calls A Double Life a “beautiful tribute motherhood. A beautiful reflection on becoming a mother.” You can Listen Here to the full podcast

Here’s the link for an hour long talk I did about A Double Life with David McMillian for the show/podcast, Strategies for Living. He asked smart, practical questions about the book, being a parent, and coping with the changes of motherhood.   We talked a lot about the psychological and emotional changes that come with new parenthood, and how to prepare for them, and also about the necessity of understanding the role conflict and pain play in family life.    And I learned some new strategies for conducting an hour long interview while the kids are getting ready for school in the morning (sit on the floor of your bedroom closet).  I really liked talking with him, and came away with renewed respect for writers who do these long shows with any regularity.

Interview with Shelly Irwin, WGVU Morning Show. She asked great, specific questions about the book, and I enjoyed answering them. It was my first interview, and I’m pretty happy with it, though I probably said “um” to much. You can Listen Here.

It’s Your Health radio, with host Lisa Davis, who is really smart, fun, and insightful. I loved talking with her… She got right to the heart of how the biology of pregnancy changes every other thing about a woman and what the real story of the book is.  Also a great shout out to USF (!) and why we need to change the conversation we’re have about motherhood. You can Listen Here.

Co-Creating, with Cassie Premo Steele on Blog-Talk Radio. See above! Listen here!

Lisa has also been a guest on:  Voice of America, NPR’s the Round Table, The Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show, and more.